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We are very close to the release and sooo excited to get DERU out there to play for everyone! Often after a good local co-op gaming session at an event people asked about online co-op playing.

We thought about the making the effort of integrating online co-op, but realised that with our limited time pensum we can spend working on DERU. It would take us probably another year until we would release DERU. However we still wanted to give players the possibility to enjoy DERU together even when not being at the same location. And recently we discovered a neat tool called Parsec!

Parsec lets you stream a game to your friends and they can just join your game via controller or keyboard as if sitting right next to you. It's quick and easy to set up, and it's also free if you host the game from your computer. We've tried it and it worked like a charm.

So there it is, how to play DERU via Parsec:

  1. Download the client from
  2. Run the application and create an account. Get your friends to do the same.
  3. If you want to host, click "Add A Computer." In the setting, you can set what apps your friends can see and how to control them too.
  4. To join a friend, add them using their Parsec username and request to Co-Play.
  5. Run DERU and you can play with your friends online like they're sitting next to you!

If you have any issues with Parsec, chat them on their Discord Channel.

Also check at their Party finder channel and join our Discord Channel  to say hi and maybe find friends to play DERU together.

Thank you so much and keep co-operating!

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