DERU - Patch 1.0.11 is online


The bugfix patch 1.0.11 is online.

I've addressed multiple issues: (xbox 360) controllers not connecting, changing the resolution for ultra wide montiors caused crashes. On mac on some occasions the levels couldn't be started because the game did not have the rights to create a save game on it's folder. Aswell as multiple other bug fixes details below.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please give Deru another go and enjoy co-op puzzling :D

DERU release 1.0.11

- Renatus lvl: blocked the other black gates from being triggered to early

- enabled XInput to fix xbox 360 controller not recognized
- fixed crashes when changing the resolution with a ultra wide monitor
- added fallback logic, when the game run in a folder without write access, the save files will be written to the Application.persistentDataPath
- fixed wrong text showing up for controllers / keyboard in bootstrap scene
- Level number is shown in the Scale lvl - Added better translations
- bouncing with NPC won’t trigger the musician achievement
- player death achievement is counted correctly
- added translation fallback to english
- fixed background not showing in drunken lvl


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Nov 15, 2018 621 MB
Nov 15, 2018 635 MB
Nov 15, 2018

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